A rapid antigen test is a fast way of telling whether you might have coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Mental health challenges affect a huge portion of our population. Almost one in two adult Australians has experienced a mental health problem in their lifetime, and more than a quarter of 16-25 year olds have experienced symptoms of a mental disorder in the last 12 months.

Our skin is constantly changing through out our lives, so how we care for our skin needs to be updated to meet the ever-changing needs throughout time, own the skin you’re in,  and ensure a healthy skin at any age. 

From the 30th of May 2021 in Queensland the Government has made it a compulsory measure for those entering residential care to be immunised with the current flu vaccination.

Warringal Private Hospital’s Day Oncology team has helped uncover an innovative new solution for medication packaging, helping to reduce the use of plastic and polystyrene across the Ramsay Health Care network.

As the second deadliest cancer in Australia, bowel cancer claims the lives of 5,336 Australians every year (103 a week), including 272 people under the age of 50. It’s the deadliest cancer for young people aged 25-34 years and tends to be diagnosed late when cancer has spread and is harder to treat.