Most of us have taken antibiotics at some point in our lives. In 2017, 26 million antibiotic prescriptions were dispensed – one antibiotic prescription on average for every person in Australia, though this is lower than the 30 million antibiotic prescriptions dispensed during 2014.

"Just breathe."

They’re two words that often come to mind during times of stress.

Just last month, many of us celebrated the wonderful men in our lives for Father’s Day, where they were showered with funky socks, sports gear and homemade craft from the kids.

As the skin cancer capital of the world, it’s important we Aussies remember to stay SunSmart and keep our skin protected.

Flaky shins, cracked heels, dry itchy arms and chapped lips. The joys of winter?! Well, not necessarily so.

More than 2.5 million Australians suffer from asthma, and the majority of them (around 80%) also suffer from allergies or hay fever.