Aged Care Services

Ramsay Pharmacy Group is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of pharmacy services.

We are motivated by the philosophy of caring for people and pride ourselves on always delivering outstanding service. We provide accurate, timely, cost effective and professional pharmacy services to aged care residents and the facilities we service.

With more than 50 years of experience in dealing with high acuity patients within our hospital facilities, Ramsay Pharmacy Group has developed a reputation for delivering the same level of clinical rigour within aged care, delivered via our expanding network of community pharmacies.


Ramsay Pharmacy’s comprehensive level of service optimises treatment outcome for residents. We deliver a quality, predictable and dependable service to ensure the best possible health outcomes for residents and to provide peace of mind to your team that all their Pharmacy needs are met.


Why Choose Us?

We are specialists in medication management.

  • Accurate and timely delivery of pharmacy services
  • Personalised service approach delivered by a highly trained and dedicated Aged Care pharmacy team who will work with your teams to understand your specific needs
  • Flexibility of medication packing options
  • Competitive pricing on prescription and pharmacy items
  • Work closely with prescribing doctors to ensure medication is delivered on-time and correctly for each resident
  • 24/7 access to expert Pharmacist advice
  • All residents’ medication accounts and billing queries managed by us
  • Accurate drug class reports provided monthly and as required
  • Regular visits to support your health care team and residents


Our pharmacy services are built on a best practice model which continues to evolve in response to a changing therapeutic landscape, advances in treatment and how care is best delivered to the resident. We provide the best pharmacy care available through safe delivery of medication and systems that are the gold standard in aged care.


To arrange a confidential discussion, please contact us at or call 0428 231 122