Supply and clinical pharmacy services

Aged Care

For Aged Care and Assisted Living Communities

  • 24/7 access to expert Pharmacist advice
  • Scheduled delivery services
  • Competitive pricing on prescription and general pharmacy items
  • Flexibility of medication packing options
  • Suite of Quality Use of Medicines services
  • 10+ years of excellence in the provision of Quality Use of Medicines within acute hospital facilities

Clinical Pharmacy Services in Aged Care

Ramsay Pharmacy Group provides accurate, timely, cost effective and professional pharmacy services to the facilities we service.

With over 50 years dealing with high acuity patients and highly complex medication regimes within our hospital facilities, Ramsay Pharmacy Group has developed a reputation for delivering the same level of clinical rigour within aged care and assisted living environments  delivered  via our expanding network of community pharmacies.

Our pharmacy services are built on a best practice model which continues to evolve in response to a changing therapeutic landscape, advances in treatment and how care is best delivered to the patient.

Ramsay Pharmacy Group has a robust Clinical and Patient Safety Framework based on key principles aligned with the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care. Additionally the Guiding Principles for Medication Management in Residential Aged Care Facilities provides further guidance to achieve optimal health outcomes, economic objectives and the promotion of the quality use of medicines.

Our approach results in an improvement in the quality use of medicines (QUM) and the optimization of treatment outcomes for your patients.

Ramsay Pharmacy Group offers our aged care clients a suite of pharmacy services and benefits including:

  • Arrangement of Home Medication Reviews and Residential Medication Management Reviews
  • The contribution of Clinical Pharmacists to assist with the provision of:
  • Clinical medication reviews
  • ACCQA Accreditation Standards compliance
  • Quality Use of Medicines Program
  • A Continuous Quality Improvement calendar
  • Education and attendance at scheduled meetings as required
  • Ease of access to pharmacy services with many of our pharmacies offering extended trading hours, combined with a centralised management of 24 hour emergency needs
  • Pharmacist-led education activities for nurses and facility support staff
  • Quality Use of Medicines Program to meet accreditation standards

Along with our suite of contemporary clinical pharmacy services, Ramsay Pharmacy Group assists our aged care clients with:

  • Scheduled delivery service
  • After-hours  access  to pharmacist advice
  • A fully itemised monthly account for each resident with flexible billing options available in store, over the phone, direct debit or direct deposit
  • A personalised service approach delivered by highly trained pharmacists and a dedicated pharmacy team who will work with your teams to understand the specific needs of each facility

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