Medication Checks

medication management

Taking multiple medications can be confusing, especially when you throw in unexpected additional medicines when, for example, you’re admitted to hospital or fall ill.

But there are risks, and interactions and duplications between different medications can be dangerous. With 4 in 10 Australians over 50 taking five or more medications every day, it’s important to make sure those medications are being taken safely.

The good news is that it’s easy to do with a free 30-minute medication check at your local Ramsay Pharmacy.

This fully government-funded check gives you the opportunity to go through all your medications one-on-one with your Ramsay Pharmacist to make sure there are no dangerous duplications or interactions between them and to help you manage any potential side effects.

Your pharmacist can also review the correct usage of medical devices such as inhalers or blood glucose monitors and advise how to store medications.

Medication packing services are also available to ensure medications are easily organised and the correct dosage followed.  


What to expect at your Ramsay Pharmacy medication check

At your medication check, your Ramsay Pharmacist will:

- Talk you through your medications and the purpose of each medication

- Review each medication for side effects, interactions or duplication

- Discuss storage

- Go over possible side effects or effects on other conditions you might have

- Review your usage of any other medical devices


Are you eligible for a government-funded medication check?

- Your Ramsay Pharmacist will be able to help you confirm whether you are eligible for a medication check, but criteria can include:

- Being a current Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card holder

- Not having received a Medication Check, Diabetes Medication Check, Home Medicines Review (HMR) or Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) in the previous 12 months

- Living at home in a community setting and

- Taking more than five prescription medications or

- Recently experienced a significant medical event. Significant medical events are those events that have the potential to affect current medication adherence, understanding, or increase the risk of medication misadventure. This may include a new diagnosis, changes in health status, or medical interventions or

- Taking a medication associated with a high risk of adverse side effects


Home medication reviews

If you are unable to leave your house, take five or more regular medications or have several health conditions, you may be eligible for a home medication review

This is a more comprehensive in-home review that will provide suggestions to improve the effectiveness and safety of medicines. 

A report is provided to your GP with recommendations to help minimise medication-related problems for you and your GP to review and action.  A home review requires a referral from a GP, but your Ramsay Pharmacist can help start the process.


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