Medication Packing Service

dose administration aid

Managing the correct dosage of multiple medications can be overwhelming with medication errors a common cause for hospital admissions in Australia each year. Ramsay Pharmacy provides a medication packing service to easily manage multiple medications.

Your regular medicines are combined according to the correct dosage and securely sealed into individual blisters. When it is time to take your medication, simply push out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day. A dose administration aid, commonly known as a Webster pack, will assist you to see whether you have taken your medicines, and ensures that each dose blister contains the correct medicines at the right times as prescribed by your doctor.

 Advantages of using a medication package service include:

- Easily track when medications are due and identify when missed

- Simplifies the timing of doses of multiple medications by matching and sorting your prescribed medications to each blister, ready for use

- Reduces the chance of missing medications or the incorrect administering of doses at the wrong time

- You have an accurate list of all your medicines that is very useful in emergencies

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