Medication Packing Service

dose administration aid

When you have many medications to take each day, it’s easy to miss, forget or take an extra one if you’re not on the ball – and the results can be dangerous. 

To make things easier and help reduce the risk of illness due to under or over-consumption of your medications, our pharmacists offer a convenient medication packing service.

One prescribed dose of each of your medications is packed securely into an individual blister in what is known as a Webster pack – similar to what a tablet comes in. When it is time to take your medication, simply push out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day.

To chat to one of our friendly pharmacists about this and our other helpful services, pop into your local Ramsay Pharmacy.


Benefits of using a medication packing service

  • Take the correct dosage of your medication every time
  • Easily see whether you have already taken today’s dose
  • No accidental double-doses
  • Know at a glance when it’s almost time to refill your prescription
  • An accessible, accurate list of all your medications in case of emergency