Managing your medication is easy with the Ramsay Pharmacy app!

Order your prescriptions and medication online, direct to your local Ramsay Pharmacy and feel confident in managing your health.
Why order your scripts online?

  • Delivery to your door – opt for home delivery upon checkout and we’ll deliver your medication direct to you

  • Save time – we know time is precious, so if you want to shop in store, save time and skip the queue by ordering ahead and your medication will be ready for collection upon your arrival

  • We’ll help you manage – whether you take multiple medications or just one, we’ll help you manage with script reminders when your medication supply gets low, and provide daily reminders to make sure you don’t miss taking any of your medications

  • Keep track of it all – access a full list of your prescription history with thorough details of repeats, dosage and supply details

  • Carer mode – care for the ones you love with easy management of prescriptions and medications for those in your care

  • Easily book services such as vaccinations and medicine checkups at the touch of a button

  • Track your health results – such as weight, blood pressure and vaccination history

  • Easy to use – allowing you to upload via e-scripts or a photo of your paper script

Simply download to your mobile and you’ll have your prescription information safely stored in your pocket. As always, reach out to your local Ramsay pharmacist if you need healthcare advice or have any questions.

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