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Learn how the team at your local Ramsay Pharmacy can assist you with the symptoms of mental health concerns.

When you’re experiencing mental health challenges, they can impact every area of your life. That’s why the team at Ramsay Pharmacy is trained to care for you with kind, professional service that is specifically targeted towards mental health support.

While diagnosing and treating mental health conditions is the work of professionals such as doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, our pharmacy team can help to provide medication advice and help manage some of the side effects that mental health challenges and medications may have.


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Ramsay Pharmacy can support you with management of side effects including:

Headaches from stress or tension

Many mental health conditions, including anxiety, can cause headaches from stress or tension (such as clenching the teeth or jaw). Our team can offer advice on appropriate pain relief for these types of headaches, and ways to help reduce tension.

Lowered immunity

When our minds are not well, it can take a toll on our immunity, causing more frequent colds, eczema, cold sores and other conditions. We have a range of immune support supplements available in our Ramsay Pharmacy locations, and the team is trained to offer advice on which might be best for your unique circumstances and needs.


Asthma is linked to anxiety and depression. People who have asthma are more likely to be anxious and, similarly, people with anxiety are more likely to have asthma.  The symptoms of an asthma flareup (tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing and panic) can also mimic an anxiety attack.

People with asthma are more likely to be depressed, and depression can reduce a person’s motivation to seek treatment for their asthma, making flare-ups more frequent.

Our team can offer guidance on which strategies and medications may be right for you.

Heart disease and diabetes

As with asthma, depression is also more frequent in people who live with other chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. In addition to offering in-store blood pressure checks, our team can also chat to you about how to help manage complications arising from heart disease and diabetes, and help improve your quality of life.

Muscle tension

Stress, anxiety and mental health concerns that cause us to tense our muscles can lead to pain in the body. Our team can guide you to find treatments for these pains, including creams, heat packs and pain relief.

Stomach upsets

Some mental health conditions such as anxiety can cause stomach upsets such as vomiting and diarrhoea, while some medications can upset our stomachs as well. The Ramsay Pharmacy team can assist you in finding treatments for stomach upsets that work for your circumstances and don’t affect any other medications you might be using. As your medicines expert, your Ramsay Pharmacist can also review your medicines to identify if any may be leading to stomach upsets.


Fatigue can be a symptom of many different mental health conditions and can have significant impacts on our quality of life. Our team can offer advice on supplements and other medications that might help to improve energy levels, and advise you when it’s time to talk with your GP.

Hair and skin changes

Mental health challenges can show on the outside, too. If you’ve noticed changes to your hair, such as hair loss, oiliness or dryness, or to your skin, like rashes, dryness or acne, our team can offer advice on what treatments might help.

Medication reviews and dose administration aids

Our pharmacists are your medicines experts, and are available to discuss your medicines with you if you are having concerns. If you are taking more than five regular medicines, or are taking a medicine that is likely to cause side effects, our pharmacists can offer a more comprehensive review of your medicines that is entirely government funded – no cost to you. Also, if you are taking several medicines or have difficulty in keeping track of your doses, we offer a range of dose administration aids to easily organise your medicines.



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Ramsay Mental Health

As the largest private provider of mental health care in Australia, Ramsay Mental Health is dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of the people we treat. We offer professional and discreet mental health care with both psychiatrist and psychologist services nationwide, aimed at improving your mental health and maximising your potential with treatment options that support your needs.



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