Health Checks

If you’ve been thinking of improving your health, whether it’s checking your blood pressure or diabetes risk, quitting smoking or building healthier habits, your local Ramsay Pharmacy team is here to help.

Blood pressure tests

High blood pressure is a serious health risk that’s extremely common – but many people wait until things are serious before getting theirs checked.

At your local Ramsay Pharmacy, we perform a standard two-part blood pressure test. This test measures the pressure in the artery as the heart contracts (systolic pressure, or the ‘top number’ on your test result), and the pressure in the artery when the heart is between beats (diastolic pressure, or the ‘bottom number’ on your result).

High blood pressure or hypertension is when your systolic pressure is higher than 140mmHg and/or your diastolic pressure being higher than 90 mmHg, however your GP may set you a different target blood pressure based on your circumstances.

Causes of high blood pressure aren’t always clear but some risk factors may include:

- A diet high in salt

- High alcohol consumption

- Diabetes

- A family history of high blood pressure

- Being overweight

- Smoking

- Lack of exercise

Your friendly Ramsay Pharmacist can recommend a plan to tackle some of these risk factors and arrange a GP consultation should your health check present any warning signs.


Diabetes risk assessments

People with diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance/impaired fasting glucose (often called ‘pre-diabetes’) have reduced ability to manage the levels of glucose or sugars circulating in their bloodstream, and these high blood glucose levels can lead to a multitude of complications later in life, including:

- Heart disease

- Kidney disease

- Amputations

- Blindness

A diabetes risk assessment at your local Ramsay Pharmacy can help you manage risk factors and reduce the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Healthy lifestyle help

Kicking off and maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge but, at Ramsay Pharmacy, our team is trained in supporting you to do just that.

If you want to start eating a balanced diet, sleeping well, exercising or reducing your alcohol intake, simply raise it with us during your health check.

It’s worth making the change. A healthier lifestyle can reduce your risk of:

- Back and knee pain

- Type 2 diabetes

- High blood pressure

- Breathing problems

- Some cancers

- Infertility

- Anxiety and depression

- Kidney disease

- Gallbladder disease

- Sleep problems

- Fatty liver disease


Quit smoking support

Quitting smoking takes determination – but it helps to know you’ve got support. At Ramsay Pharmacy, we offer free quit smoking consultations, where your Ramsay Pharmacist can help to design the right plan for you.

If you’re ready to reduce your risk of chronic disease and preventable death, save money and feel better, book your consultation today.


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