Quitting can be tough. And if you’ve tried before, it’s important to remember not to give up on giving up! Here’s why:

Quitting can be tough. And if you’ve tried before, it’s important to remember not to give up on giving up!Here’s why:


Why should you quit?


Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of cancer and preventable death and disease in Australia.  The Department of Health says within 10 seconds of that first puff, the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke reach your brain, heart and other organs. Smoking harms almost every part of your body and increases your risk of many diseases.  Smoking harms nearly every organ in your body, and the single best thing you can do for your health is to stop smoking.  Smoking can also impact the health of those around you.


There are also the social impacts - smoking impacts your finances and your relationships with other people.


Benefits of quitting


Depending on how much you’ve smoked, your body will see the benefits from the moment you quit smoking.


Within 12 hours, the excess carbon monoxide is out of your bloodstream.  Within a week, your sense of smell and taste have improved and after a month, your skin appearance is probably starting to look much better.


You will also notice withdrawal symptoms.  These can be different for everyone and range from feeling irritable or tense to insomnia, dizziness, appetite changes or difficulty concentrating.  But remember, the health benefits of quitting far outweigh these temporary withdrawal symptoms which can last a few days or a couple of weeks for some people.  Smoking is more than an addiction so it’s important to understand what triggers when and why you smoke to help you quit.  Also, constantly remind yourself of the reason for quitting when you feel the urge to smoke – this can help you to stay on track.


Fast-track a year ahead and your risk of heart disease rapidly drops, and you will no doubt be feeling like a happier, much healthier person.


Tips to quit


By deciding to quit, you are doing something amazing not only for yourself, but the most important people in your life. Give yourself the best chance at success by surrounding yourself with a supportive network.


Ramsay Pharmacy offers a wide range of products to tackle cravings and withdrawal symptoms and we can help you find the best solution to suit your habits and lifestyle.


Your Ramsay Pharmacist can help you develop your quit plan in a free one-on-one consultation. Chat with our team in-store or head online to book a 10-minute consultation.