healthy skin

30's skincare needs

In your 30‘s skin begins to show signs of both environmental and genetic aging: that means fine lines, uneven pigment, and maybe some volume loss, caused by the gradual diminishment of supportive tissue (fat and bone) in the face. Introduce a moisture booster in the form of either a serum or mask, to add extra power to your skincare routine.

You may also notice your skin lacking in luster and brightness as you get older, so regular exfoliation and the introduction of a vitamin C based product to your routine is a must  to improve radiance and glow.

40's skincare needs

The 40’s are a facial-aging tipping point. Collagen production slowly begins to decline resulting in diminished overall thickness of your skin, increased dryness and less elasticity. We recommend bumping up the antioxidants in your routine to combat environmental damage from things like pollution and infrared lights and ensuring you are always wearing a sunscreen, as much of the aging  we experience – fine lines, dark  spots, texture changes – is due to sun damage.

Products containing vitamin A derivatives (such as Retinol), used at night, can help replenish the lost collagen in your skin, resulting in a plumper and smoother look.

50's skincare needs

Hormonal changes and imbalances experienced during this time of our lives can start to show on our skin,  in the form of lost elasticity, dullness, sallowness and dryness. It’s important to adapt to your skins changing needs, meaninng that products that you used to love may no longer work for you. Lean towards deeply moisturising products, to combat the slow in oil production and soothing products to calm your perhaps now more sensitive or irritable complexion.

It’s also a good idea to introduce a neck cream to ensure we’re giving the same love to our delicate decolletage as we are our face, as the effects of aging can be just as prevalent. 

60's skincare needs

As you sail into your 60’s and beyond, skincare becomes more of a necessity than ever. Hormonal deficiencies combined with a decline in collagen production results in increased lines and deeper wrinkles, as the skin continues to lose firmness. Skin will become thinner and more vulnerable to extreme dryness and environmental damage. 

For a more radiant, smoother  firmer looking complexion, introduce a serum with lifting and intense hydration properties to keep skin revitalised and healthy.


Be kind to your current and future self. To care for your skin, we recommend to avoid daily sun exposure, wear a hat and sunglasses and always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Talk to your beauty team in-store to find the right products to complement your skincare needs. To find your closest pharmacy, please click here.