Step into any skin care aisle when shopping and it can be daunting finding the right moisturiser for your needs.  We’ll share what to look for in a good moisturiser and explain the four benefits of keeping it in your daily routine.



Why moisturise?

We are continuously exposed to elements that can make skin dry and irritated. Hot water, over exfoliating, alcohol consumption, washing and sanitising your hands frequently, weather conditions, other skin conditions and not drinking enough water can cause skin to become dehydrated. The condition may also develop with aging, if you have a chronic disease, live in a dry climate or have a job that requires you to wet your hands frequently.


Although not a serious problem, symptoms such as itching, rough skin, flaking, scaling, peeling, fine lines, cracks and redness can lead to serious health problems.  Using a moisturiser has many benefits such as:

  • Re-hydrating dry skin and replenishing extra rough spots on the skin: lotion can ease rough skin to make it smooth and hydrated.

  • Reduce acne: the right moisturiser can prevent your skin becoming dry and inflamed, smoothing the skins surface and assisting with reducing the skins production of oil.

  • Retain youthful appearance: hydrated skin is more plump, firm and radiant looking.

  • Smooth calluses: Calluses can be painful; lotion can help you remove the dead skin easier.


When to moisturise?


1. Every morning and night


It is important to moisturise twice a day – first thing in the morning and at night-time. Moisturising in the morning sets your skin up for the day whilst moisturising at night works to correct any damage your skin has encountered throughout the day. Applying a moisturiser in the morning also works as a primer and can assist in helping your makeup stay looking fresher for longer. Get into a daily routine and stick to it.


2. After hand washing and sanitising

It is common to have dry hands due to washing and sanitising our hands frequently. Moisturise immediately after washing. Our personal favourite is MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream.

3. When self-tanning

Before you apply your favourite tanning product, moisturise your body with a light weight moisturiser. Be sure to pay extra attention to your elbows, wrists, feet, ankles and knees as these areas can become particularly dry. Allow the moisturiser to fully absorb into your skin prior to applying your chosen self-tan.  Moisturise every day after application, as this will extend the life of your tan and give you a hydrated glow.


4. After you swim, shower or wash your face

Applying moisturiser to moist and clean skin allows the moisturising ingredients to absorb better. It is best to apply within 3 minutes after showering or washing your face for the best results. Gently pat your face after cleansing, don’t vigorously rub.



What to look for in a moisturiser

Choose your moisturiser based on your skin type, your skin concerns as well as your daily lifestyle. If you aren’t sure which product is suitable for your skin type, please check with your Ramsay Pharmacy Better Beauty consultant for advice.


With a Daytime moisturiser look for:

  • SPF so you can be protected from the harsh Australian sun

  • Antioxidant properties to protect against free-radical damage

  • Primer feature to ensure that foundation and make up wears better and lasts longer and looks fresher throughout the day.


    A Night-time moisturiser:

  • Is intended to soothe, restore, revitalise  and repair the skin from the day’s trauma

  • Should contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other skin nutrients to help repair skin

  • Should also contain active ingredients such as retinol for targeted skin concerns     


Further assistance

Seek medical advice if you experience skin discolouration, bleeding, extreme redness or swelling due to dryness. Visit your local Ramsay Pharmacy store for products, information and advice.