During winter we tend to become less active and indulge more so we have come up with some easy steps to follow to maintain your health this winter.

As the cooler temperatures and shorter days announce Winter’s approach across Australia, it’s important not to reach for the hot chocolate and comfort food too quickly.  During winter we tend to become less active and indulge more so we have come up with some easy steps to follow to maintain your health this winter.

Step 1 – Keep moving

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining your physical and mental health, especially throughout winter when we tend to stay indoors more.  If it’s too cold for that early morning jog change the time you are exercising or switch to an indoor activity for some exercise such as swimming in a heated pool.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy exercise in the winter months whilst staying out of the cold.

Step 2 – Good nutrition

Be mindful of what you are eating.  Ensure you maintain a diet with high nutritional value to ensure you are getting the right vitamins and eating healthy winter meals.  If you aren’t eating a varied and nutritional diet, consider supplements to help fill any nutritional gaps.  Keep your lean protein intake high – protein tends to keep you fuller for longer to help reduce snacking. Chat with your friendly Ramsay Pharmacist for advice. 

Step 3 – Plenty of water and sleep

It’s easy to remember to drink plenty of water in summer but in winter, it’s not always top of mind.  Your body needs just as much water in winter so it’s important to keep hydrated to help your kidneys do their job and flush out toxins, keep the winter bugs at bay and help keep your skin healthy.  It’s also easy to reach for a snack when you feel hungry, but your brain often confuses hunger for thirst; try having a drink first if you’re hungry.  Getting  the right amount of sleep is just as important as it can affect not only your mood but your health including weakening your immune system.  Read more here

Step 4 – Avoid getting the Flu

One of the best ways to protect your immune system during the winter months is by getting the flu vaccination.  A compromised immune system makes you more susceptible to contracting other illnesses and a flu vaccination reduces your risk of contracting the flu by between 40%-60%.  Good hygiene should also be part of your prevention plan including always washing your hands or using hand sanitiser, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and disposing of used tissues.  Above all, stay home should you feel unwell.  If you would like to book in for your flu vaccination, click here or chat with your local Ramsay Pharmacy. 

Step 5 – Chat with your Pharmacist

We’re here to support you with exceptional care and can assist with general health advice, blood pressure tests, medication information, prescriptions and much more.  We can provide solutions to keep you healthy throughout winter and beyond.  To locate your closest Ramsay Pharmacy, click here.