Have you given much thought to getting your health and wellness organised for the festive season? We’ve got some top tips to make sure you don’t get caught out.

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’.


For many of us, the words of that well-known Christmas carol ring true. Our homes are decorated with pretty lights and tinsel, we’re planning a feast for Christmas lunch and our diaries are jam-packed with catch ups to celebrate friends and family.


But have you given much thought to getting your health and wellness organised for the festive season? We’ve got some top tips to make sure you don’t get caught out.




With all the other planning in the lead up to Christmas, the last thing you need is to misplace your script for necessary medications.


Don’t worry - Ramsay Pharmacy has the solution for you.


Our E-script (electronic script) service is now available at most Ramsay Pharmacies, providing you with a modern and convenient way to manage your medication.


Simply ask you GP to provide you with an E-script during your next consultation. You’ll receive a QR code to your phone or email which you then share with your Ramsay Pharmacist. We’ll prepare your medication and it will be ready and waiting for collection either soon after you share it with us, or when you’re next in store.


It’s a safe, mostly contactless way to obtain your medication, and of course getting rid of those paper scripts means it’s also eco-friendly!  Link it to your MedAdvisor app and you can re-order prescriptions from your phone and skip the line.


So make sure you pre-order your scripts via our E-script service today. It’s peace of mind and one less thing to think about this festive season!




We may have all joked about putting on Christmas-kilos and it’s normal to deviate from normal healthy eating patterns or over indulge from time to time, especially this time of year.  But it is important to get back on track. Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr Arun Dhir from Warringal Private Hospital in Victoria, says being more mindful can have a big impact in how we experience hunger.


“If you start at the top of your body and work your way down, you can identify seven different types of hunger,” Dr Dhir said.  “By becoming aware of these you can begin to eat mindfully, which reduces your chance of overeating, weight gain and compulsive eating”.


  1. Mind Hunger - If you’re not sure if you’re really hungry, have a glass of water. Often your mind tells you that you’re hungry when you’re actually just thirsty.

  2. Eye Hunger - Take the time to arrange your food in an appealing way on the plate. Don’t eat in front of screens, as research has shown that people who watch TV and eat at the same time get distracted and risk overeating.

  3. Nose Hunger - Your nose can trick you into thinking you’re hungry. Before you dive in, enjoy the scent and ask yourself if you’re truly hungry.

  4. Mouth Hunger - Your mouth’s desire for sweet or salty flavours can keep you eating even when you’re not hungry. Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after you eat to break the cycle of wanting more.

  5. Heart Hunger - This is when you eat to find comfort. Talk to a friend or family member, write down your feelings and learn to tolerate your emotions - good or bad.

  6. Stomach Hunger - If your tummy is rumbling, Dr Dhir says it’s most probably time to eat. But don’t just rely on the rumbles as those noises can also be the normal digestive process. Rank your hunger on a scale of 1 (ravenous) to 10 (feeling full) and if your hunger is more than five, you’re probably not genuinely hungry.

  7. Cellular Hunger - this is the hardest to sense. Your cells provide your body with energy and your cells need nutrients. If you eliminate entire food groups, such as carbs, your cells will suffer.  As you continue to practise mindfulness, you’ll be able to pinpoint the nutrients your body really needs.


    Stay Hydrated

    It’s important to maintain hydration to stay healthy.  Check the colour of your urine to see if you are dehydrated.  Dark yellow means you need to drink more fluids, the best being water.  Light coloured urine means you’re on track.  If you are drinking alcohol, try alternating alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated.


    Keep on track

    Just because you over indulge one day doesn’t mean you keep going the next.  Get back on track!  Keep exercising, continue eating a well balanced diet and make sure you get enough sleep!


    Home Delivery


    If your schedule is simply too hectic, or there may be other reasons you can’t make it in to your local Ramsay Pharmacy, make sure you check out our home delivery service.


    Available at 40 Ramsay and Malouf Pharmacies across the country, our home delivery option aims to provide an expanded service for you and your family by supplying your medications direct to your doorstep. 


    If you need to access home delivery this Christmas, simply speak with our friendly team to discuss your options.


    We’re here to help!